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Below you will find real-life customer testimony. These reviews come straight from the medical transcriptionists that have purchased MT Professional and now use it every day they work.
Hi ,

Its me again. I purchased the MT Professional 2 years ago and am now using it and loving it. Some other transcriptionists working for the same company I am working with may be interested in purchasing the MT Professional also. Do I just give them your e-mail address for the information on cost and instructions on how to purchase, etc.?

Darrell M.

Dear OS:

I wish to introduce myself and wanted to give you an update on my progress. I successfully downloaded the initial software and the MT Professional. This is a great tool. The sound is so much better than using my ByteScribe. I am really impressed.

Debbie G.

"The MT Professional" is truly a godsend for me!! I am a "physically challenged" individual with limited use of my lower extremities, so I feel absolutely "liberated" using this unique and ingenious piece of technology. I am free of trying to maneuver a foot pedal, which is an exasperating task for me. Because I live by myself and have a very quiet work environment, I am now able to transcribe without a headset as well. Transcribing is truly a pleasure in every sense of the word. Thank you so much!

Joyce C.

Oh, I can hardly contain my excitement over the MT Professional that I purchased from you. It took me only about 1/4 of the amount of time and the sound was so much clearer. It was so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This will certainly increase my speed and productivity. Now I am even more excited than ever to do some more work.
Just a question about this last file. I got one report off that file. Is that correct? I am sending it back to you in the same folder that you sent it to me.
Quick ........... send me more work so I can use my new transcriber lots.
It is great!
Nancy H.
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